That's me, Rossana...overvaluing my neck mobility! 
In 2012 Santa brought me my first sewing machine and it has been love at first sight. 
I was skipping from one job to another without any passion, when I realize that sewing wasn't only a way to relax and enjoy but it could be something more... and here it comes El Olivar.
It started like a game between two friends but it turns to be my dream job soon. Further, my passion for lindy hop dance and swing culture makes me develop an accessories brand with a good bounce!

My motto is "less is better", I don't like the excess and I deeply believe that little details can make the difference: a colorful bow tie on a white shirt, or the fantasy lining of your daily backpack: you're the only one that knows its secret and that makes you special! 

All our products are produced in our workshop located in the very heart of Madrid. I design all the accessories trying to keep it as simple and functional as possible, using very high quality materials, made in Spain and distributed by local sellers, in order to improve the economy of my surroundings.

For such craft procedures, far from any industrial production, our collections are unique and limited, but we still encourage our costumers to ask for personalized orders suitable for any taste.

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